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Odette’s baking secrets & cooking tips

Les Plaisirs d'Odette Fleur de whisk

At Les Plaisirs d’Odette the passion runs deeper than creating and baking.


Learn more about the process of perfect pastry, the ultimate gâteaux, the mouth-watering canapés… Indulge yourself in recipes and videos.


Here, you can find some neat tips and tricks to bake your own way to that amazing dessert.


You can also read about some great products that are currently available to assist you in these creations. Browse through some of our articles regarding the recommended equipment and utensils, find out about sourcing the necessary ingredients that are all essential for authentic French pâtisserie and cuisine.


For all those budding bakers and aspiring chefs out there, here are some useful hints to obtaining the perfect sweet and savoury delights.


Benefit from some of the finest of French pâtisserie and French cuisine experience with your very own Fine French cuisine expert!